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24.117.905    SECONDS

(1) Applicants for a seconds license shall apply on forms prescribed by the department. The application must be complete, accompanied by the appropriate fees, and include the following information:

(a) experience verification forms demonstrating a minimum of one year of experience assisting at boxing events; and

(b) three reference forms from people who can attest to ring experience.

(2) Only three individuals shall be seconds at an event and only one shall be designated as chief second.

(3) Only one second shall be inside the ring between rounds.

(4) Licensed managers may act as seconds and must comply with all rules of conduct pertaining to seconds.

(5) Seconds shall not:

(a) enter the ring until the timer indicates the termination of a round; or

(b) spray or forcefully throw water on a contestant.

(6) Seconds shall:

(a) wipe up excess water on the ring floor before the start of the next round;

(b) leave the ring enclosure at the sound of the timekeeper's whistle ten seconds before the beginning of each round; and

(c) leave the ring platform and remove all obstructions, buckets, and stools promptly when the gong sounds at the beginning of each round.


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