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24.117.815    RING--EQUIPMENT

(1) The ring shall be no less than 15 or more than 20 feet square when measured inside the line of the ropes. The apron of the ring shall extend beyond the ropes not less than two feet. The ring shall be equipped with four ropes with two spacer ties on each side of the ring to secure the ropes.

(2) Only the following substances shall be allowed in the ring:

(a) ice,

(b) only plain water,

(c) cotton swabs,

(d) gauze pads,

(e) clean towels,

(f) adrenaline 1:1000, thrombostat and 2 percent adrenaline hydrochloride,

(g) avitine in sterile single packets,

(h) petroleum jelly (unscented) only,

(i) tape.

(3) Gong, bell, buzzer, or horn which is used must be sufficiently loud so that the officials and contestants can hear it clearly.

(4) The ring must be swept, dry mopped, or otherwise adequately cleaned before the athletic event and prior to the first bout.

(5) There shall be a minimum three foot clear walkway from the ring through the seating area to the exit(s) .

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