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24.117.903    JUDGES

(1) Applicants for a judges license shall apply on forms prescribed by the board and shall furnish the following information:

(a) proof of either:

(i) three years prior experience in judging boxing events; or

(ii) two years prior experience in judging boxing events and additional experience as determined by the board to demonstrate competency;

(b) names and addresses of three references who can attest to the applicant's judging experience and integrity; and

(c) proof of familiarity with the laws and administrative rules of the board, as evidenced by attestation on the application.

(2) Judges shall be ready at all times, if requested by the referee, to assist in deciding whether fouls have been committed, and may bring any other points to the attention of the referee at the end of the round.

(3) Scoring shall be done by three judges, approved by the board. The referee shall not score any bout or contest.

(4) Judges shall score bouts on a ten point must system, using the following criteria:

(a) clean punching (power versus quantity) ;

(b) effective aggressiveness;

(c) ring generalship; and

(d) defense.

(5) If a bout is stopped before the completion of a round, the judges shall score all incomplete or partial rounds as if they were a complete round.

(6) Judges shall only deduct points for fouls or knockdowns when designated as such and instructed to do so by the referee.

(7) Judges shall avoid scoring a round even. Complete concentration and application of the basic scoring concepts in ARM 24.117.801 will allow judges to choose the winner of each round.

(8) Judges shall not act as managers or promoters.

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