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24.117.904    TIMEKEEPER

(1) The timekeeper shall be appointed by and the responsibility of the promoter, and known as the official timekeeper. The timekeeper shall be seated outside the ring close to the gong.

(2) The timekeeper shall indicate the beginning and end of each round.

(3) The timekeeper shall bring a whistle and a stop watch to the bout. Ten seconds before the beginning of each round, the timekeeper shall warn the seconds of contestants by blowing the whistle.

(4) If an athletic event terminates before the scheduled limit of rounds, the timekeeper shall inform the announcer of the exact duration of the athletic event.

(5) Timekeepers shall not use a whistle, buzzer, or any other instrument during the progress of a round. The whistle, buzzer, or other instrument shall be used only ten seconds prior to the beginning of the bout and ten seconds prior to the beginning of each round.

(6) If a boxer is knocked down after two minutes and 50 seconds of the round, the bell will not sound until the boxer gets up. If the boxer does not get up before the count of ten, the boxer will lose by KO. The bell cannot save a boxer in any round.

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