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(1) Each respiratory care practitioner must complete 24 continuing education (CE) units in the preceding 24 months, by the renewal deadline in even-numbered years. One CE unit is equivalent to 50 minutes in length.

(2) Licensees shall affirm an understanding of their recurring duty to comply with CE requirements as a part of license renewal.

(3) The CE requirements do not apply until a licensee's first full year of licensure.

(4) Courses acceptable for CE must have content relevant to the scope of practice of respiratory care as defined in 37-28-102, MCA.

(5) Any identical course or program presented under Category I or Category II per ARM 24.213.2104 and 24.213.2107 may be submitted for CE credit only once every two years.

(6) The board may randomly audit up to 50 percent of renewed licensees' CE hours.

(7) All CE must be documented to show proof of completion. Licensees must maintain CE records for one year following the renewal cycle reporting period and make the records available upon request. Documentation must include the following:

(a) licensee name;

(b) course title and description of content;

(c) presenter or sponsor;

(d) course date(s); and

(e) number of CE hours earned.

(8) Licensees found to be in noncompliance with CE requirements may be subject to administrative suspension.


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