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(1) Upon completion of the cremation process, the recoverable residual of the cremation process shall be removed from the cremation chamber and the cremation chamber swept clean. All nonhuman residue shall be separated from the residue of human remains and placed in an enclosed, puncture-resistant container, and securely taped or capped to prevent the loss or exposure of contents during waste disposal. The residual cremated human remains shall be placed within a container or tray in such a way that will ensure against commingling with other cremated remains. The identifying metal disc shall be removed from the control panel area and attached to the container or tray of cremated human remains to await final processing.

(a) The authorizing agent may specify that recoverable nonhuman residue that can be identified, in a manner satisfactory to the crematory operator in charge, as being related to that cremation may be returned to the custody of the authorizing agent.

(2) The recoverable residual of the cremation process shall undergo final processing.

(3) Should the cremated remains or processed remains not adequately fill the container's interior dimensions, the extra space may be filled with packing material that will not become intermingled with the cremated remains or processed remains, and then securely closed.

(4) When a temporary container is used to return the cremated remains or processed remains, the container shall be placed within a sturdy box and all box seams taped closed to increase the security and integrity of that container. The outside of the container shall be clearly identified with the name of the deceased person whose cremated remains are contained there.

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