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24.156.1601    DEFINITIONS

As used in this subchapter the following definitions apply:

(1) "Direct supervision" means the supervisor is within technologically unassisted audible and visible reach of the person being supervised.

(2) "General supervision" means accepting responsibility for, and overseeing the medical services of, a physician assistant by telephone, radio, or in person as frequently as necessary considering the location, nature of practice, and experience of the physician assistant.

(3) "Nonroutine application" means an initial physician assistant license application and/or supervision agreement where the supervising physician has never supervised a Montana licensed physician assistant and/or the physician assistant has never practiced in the state of Montana. A nonroutine application shall require a teleconference interview with a current board member.

(4) "On-site supervision" means the supervisor must be in the facility and quickly available to the person being supervised.

(5) "Routine application" means a supervision agreement where the supervising physician and the physician assistant both have had approved Montana supervision agreements or utilization plans in the past. These applications shall be processed and approved by board staff.

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