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(1) Except as provided by 50-60-602, MCA, an electrical permit is required for any installation in any new construction or remodeling or repair.

(2) Prior to the commencement of any electrical installation, in an area where the electrical code is enforced by the department, the permittee shall submit an official and complete request for electrical permit to the department in Helena with fee(s) as provided in ARM 24.301.461. If the permittee fails to obtain a permit for an electrical installation, a "Failure to Permit Investigation Fee" may be required in addition to the standard permit fee. Electrical permit forms will be made available by the department and may also be available at any power supplier or from the electrical inspector.

(3) The term "permittee" listed in ARM 24.301.431(2) applies to owners doing electrical work on their own residence, farm, or ranch property provided that said property is maintained for their personal, private use. The property or residence shall not be built on speculation of resale or intended as rental property.

(4) A local government certified to enforce the electrical code may require, in addition to the electrical permit required by 50-60-605, MCA, the power supplier be provided with proof of an approved inspection before the power supplier can energize the electrical installation. The local government shall provide the power supplier with written notice of this requirement if it wishes to enforce this option.

(5) The requirements listed in 50-60-605, MCA, requiring an "electrical permit" before the energizing of an electrical installation by a power supplier means the power supplier may energize said installation with provisional power, before an inspection has been performed by the department, after issuing a power supplier limited service certificate as allowed in ARM 24.301.472, or upon receipt of the power supplier's copy of the electrical permit issued by the department.

(6) An individual that energizes an electrical installation without first obtaining an electrical permit for that installation is guilty of a misdemeanor per 50-60-607, MCA. The department may require a utility per 50-60-605, MCA, to not energize or to remove provisional power from the permittee's electrical system if the permittee connects new wiring to a new or existing power source, thereby causing the utility to energize the electrical installation without first receiving the required permit for the connection.

(7) Upon receipt of the application for an electrical permit with the applicable fee(s), the department will issue the official electrical permit covering the installation.

(8) The permittee shall be responsible for all work performed under the electrical permit, and shall ensure that all work meets the requirements of the National Electrical Code, as amended by the version of ARM 24.301.411 in effect at the time the permit was issued. No permittee shall allow any other person to do, or cause to be done, any work under an electrical permit issued to the permittee, except the permittee or the permittee's employees who are licensed as an electrician or registered as an electrical apprentice.

(9) Electrical permits are valid for a period of 18 months from the date of issuance. One renewal of 18 months may be granted by the department as long as the application for renewal is made not more than 30 days following expiration of the original permit. Original electrical permits expire after 18 months from the date of issuance if not renewed. Renewed electrical permits will expire 18 months after the renewal date.

(10) The electrical permit is transferable, with application for permit transfer being made in writing on forms provided by the department and the payment of a $20.00 transfer fee. The permit transfer shall be completed prior to the subsequent permittee commencing work under the transferred permit.

(11) The exception to permit requirements listed in 50-60-602(2), MCA, for regularly employed maintenance personnel doing maintenance work on the business premises applies to personnel on the regular payroll rather than personnel under contract.

(12) No electrical permit shall be issued for a building or structure under the jurisdiction of the department until the building permit has been issued for said building or structure or it has been determined that a building permit is not required or special circumstances exist which make issuance of the permit appropriate.


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