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(1) Each applicant applying for licensure who holds a current license in another state must have taken the NPTE or NPTAE or the national registry exam in another state to be considered for licensure. All NPTE or NPTAE scores must be reported directly to the board office through the interstate reporting service.

(2) Applicants for licensure from another state shall file with the board office an application which shall include the following:

(a) application for licensure from another state fee;

(b) copy of their certificate of graduation or official transcripts from a board-approved physical therapy school or physical therapist assistant curriculum;

(c) recent photograph of the applicant within the last six months;

(d) submit three statements of good moral character, one of which is a professional reference from a licensed physical therapist, and two others from persons with knowledge of the applicant within the past five years. All reference letters must be sent directly to the board office from the reference source;

(e) verification of all current licenses from other states;

(f) verification of physical therapy or physical therapist assistant instruction and graduation; and

(g) completion and passage of the jurisprudence examination.

(3) Applicants applying for licensure from another state who have not been actively engaged in the profession of physical therapy or physical therapist assistant in the five years immediately preceding application shall be required to undergo continued study in the field of physical therapy or physical therapist assistant. Continued study may include, but will not be limited to:

(a) supervised internships;

(b) independent study;

(c) refresher courses;

(d) pertinent graduate or undergraduate course work;

(e) pertinent continuing education courses; and

(f) specialized study in a specific area.

(4) All the above would be subject to the discretion of the board.

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