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42.13.111    DEFINITIONS

The following definitions apply to this chapter:

(1) "Alteration" means a structural change or a modification to the premises other than a cosmetic change. Examples include adding a patio or removing a half wall.

(2) "Building" means an enclosed structure with external walls and a roof. Separate structures or structures connected by skyways are not considered one building for licensing purposes.

(3) "Contiguous" means touching or sharing a common border.

(4) "Contract packaging" means blending, bottling, packing, and/or filling of a distilled spirits product by a domestic distilled spirits plant for another distilled spirits plant.

(5) "Cosmetic change" means a nonstructural change to the premises. Examples include painting, carpeting, and other interior decorating.

(6) "Coupons" are certificates or tickets entitling the holder to a specified right, as redemption for cash or gifts or reduced purchase price.

(7) "Distilled at the microdistillery" means the process of vaporization and subsequent condensation of a beverage containing ethyl alcohol that occurs at the licensed premises.

(8) "Distilled spirits" means alcoholic beverages that contain ethyl alcohol and generally are the result of distillation of fermented materials. Examples include whiskey, gin, vodka, cordials, liqueurs, and flavored brandies. Distilled spirits do not include alcoholic beverages that are defined as beer or wine by the Montana Alcoholic Beverage Code.

(9) "Distilled spirits plant" means a plant at which distilled spirits are manufactured, produced, aged, stored, packaged, or bottled.

(10) "Drink preparation area" means the bar area on the premises where alcoholic beverages are stored and prepared for on-premises consumption and from which alcoholic beverages may be sold for off-premises consumption.

(11) "Flavors and nonbeverage ingredients containing alcohol" means any intermediate product containing alcohol that is used in the production of beer.

(12) "Floor plan" means a diagram with measurements of the premises as seen from above.

(13) "Fortified wine" means wine that contains more than 16 percent, but not more than 24 percent, of alcohol by volume. Fortified wine constitutes liquor for distribution purposes.

(14) "Going establishment" means a business that:

(a) is open at least 20 hours per week for any four weeks in a 90-day period;

(b) maintains an inventory of at least ten cases of alcoholic beverages for each day that the establishment is open; and

(c) sells or provides a minimum of $50, calculated at cost, of alcoholic beverages each week the establishment is open.

(15) "Grocery store" means a self-service retail establishment where a variety of perishable and nonperishable food items and household goods are sold for use off the premises.

(16) "Industry member" is any person engaged in business as a manufacturer, importer, or wholesaler of alcoholic beverages.

(17) "Mitigating circumstances" means a justification for a violation that the department considers extenuating enough to warrant a reduction of the penalty that would otherwise be proposed.

(18) "Original packaging" means the sealed container in which a manufacturer packages its product for retail sale. It includes bottles, cans, kegs, and growlers, but does not include lines or piping carrying product from a manufacturer's premises to a retailer's premises.

(19) "Patio/deck" means an outdoor portion of the premises where the preparation, service, and consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed.

(20) "Perimeter barrier" means a barrier enclosing the perimeter of the patio/deck. The barrier shall be constructed in a manner that impedes foot traffic and clearly defines the boundary of the exterior portion of the premises. The barrier shall be at least three feet high at all points and may have a single six-foot-wide entrance permitting public access from an unlicensed area to the patio/deck. Upon the department's determination that the barrier accomplishes its intended purpose, the barrier may:

(a) be constructed of materials such as lattice or wrought iron that do not form a solid structure;

(b) have a portion of it be water;

(c) have additional entrances permitting public access to the patio/deck; and

(d) be less than three feet in height.

(21) "Portable satellite vehicle" or "other movable satellite device" as used in 16-3-302, MCA, may include:

(a) self-propelled wheeled vehicles such as golf carts, concession vans or similar conveyances containing beverage dispensing and storage equipment; or

(b) wheeled devices such as concession wagons or vendors carts and other similar vehicles which may be towed, pushed or transported to a temporary site and which contains beverage dispensing and storage equipment; and

(c) fixed booths or stands in which portable beverage dispensing and storage equipment may be temporarily installed and removed after use.

(22) "Posted price" as it applies to liquor and fortified wine, means the wholesale price of liquor and fortified wine for sale to persons who hold liquor licenses as fixed and determined by the department.

(23) "Premises" means the area in the floor plan approved by the department on which the activities authorized under the license may be conducted.

(24) "Prepared-food business," as it applies to an on-premises beer license with a wine amendment, means a public eating establishment where the food is not made on-site.

(25) "Primary packaging" means the container that directly holds the alcoholic beverage. Examples of primary packaging include, but are not limited to, aluminum cans, glass bottles, kegs, and a box containing a plastic bladder or other soft flexible container of wine.

(26) "Purchase price" means the ordinary, dine-in menu price for beer and wine and food items.

(27) "Restaurant," as it applies to an on-premises beer license with a wine amendment, means a public eating establishment where food is made on-site.

(28) "Sale to an underage person" means a violation consisting of the unlawful sale, service, or delivery of an alcoholic beverage to a person under the age of 21.

(29) "Sample room" means the area of a manufacturer's premises where the service, sale, and on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages are permitted.

(30) "Seasonal business" means a business closed for greater than 90 consecutive days due to climatic and other conditions. Examples include a dude ranch, resort, or park hotel.

(31) "Self-service of alcoholic beverages" means allowing persons other than the licensee or its employees to have access to alcoholic beverages prior to the licensee or its employees providing the alcoholic beverage to the person for on-premises consumption.

(32) "Service area" means the area on the premises where the service, sale, and on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages are permitted. The service area includes any patio/deck and drink preparation area.

(33) "Service bar" means an area on a restaurant beer and wine licensee's premises where alcoholic beverages are stored and prepared for on-premises consumption.

(34) "Stand-alone beer and/or table wine business" means a business in which 95 percent of the business's annual gross income comes from the sale of beer, table wine, or both.


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