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(1) The duties of the case manager in the individual planning process are:

(a) to prepare the person receiving services for the individual planning meeting by asking if the person would like the assistance of an advocate, by obtaining input and eliciting the person's preferences before the meeting and assisting the person in communicating those preferences to the team during the meeting;

(b) to schedule any individual planning meeting and obtain prior to the meeting, the names of additional team members the person receiving services would like to invite;

(c) to notify in writing, except for meetings called in emergency situations when written notification is impossible, all individual planning team members of the name of the person receiving services for whom the meeting is being held, and the date, time and place of the meeting at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled date of the meeting;

(d) to explain the purpose of the individual planning meeting to the person receiving services and other team members and inform the person and family members of their rights and responsibilities under the individual planning process;

(e) to inform team members of the confidentiality of personal information;

(f) to inform members that all individual planning decisions are made by consensus or through the appeal process if there is a lack of consensus;

(g) to conduct the individual planning meeting;

(h) to document issues discussed at the individual planning meeting, to compile all planning forms, and to disseminate within 2 weeks of the team meeting copies of all documents and forms to all individual planning team members and to any other person that the person receiving services authorizes to receive documents;

(i) to interpret or to appoint the most appropriate individual to interpret all documents and forms of the individual planning process to the person receiving services and any person designated to act on behalf of the person; and

(j) to facilitate the transition, including movement, of the person receiving services to another service or corporation.

History: Sec. 53-2-201 and 53-20-204, MCA; IMP, Sec. 53-20-203, MCA; NEW, 1993 MAR p. 1353, Eff. 6/25/93; TRANS, from SRS, 1998 MAR p. 3124.

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